Values for generations:
the Kirschner company.

The Kirschner Group has been creating and maintaining real estate values since 1965: Kirschner Wohnbau as a property developer, project developer and full-service real estate service provider – Kirschner Investment as an independent asset manager with single-family office character, real estate investor and portfolio holder.

Kirschner Wohnbau.
Holistic service.

To create exceptional housing for the benefit of the residents and the region - that is the claim of Kirschner Wohnbau GmbH. As a property developer and project development company with a full service portfolio. And as a Freiburg-based medium-sized company in its third generation that enjoys a long-standing reputation with our partners, tenants and buyers.

Kirschner Investment.
For curated values.

Kirschner Investment is an independent asset manager with the character of a single-family office that pursues a long-term investment strategy and invests exclusively in real estate. As a portfolio holder, Kirschner Investment GmbH deals with the expansion, maintenance, preservation and management of its own real estate holdings.

Good. Better. Exceptional.

Kirschner creates living spaces with a distinctive claim: being ahead of the times. By tradition. With a love of detail and a holistic approach – with real estate expertise from A to Z and our universe of services.


Identification of future potential, purchase and development of properties and revitalisation/conversion of existing properties

Project development

Usage conception, architectural planning, official approval of residential and commercial properties


Tendering and awarding, controlling and quality assurance


Advice and consultation, sales and rental

What drive us.
What we strive for.
What we believe in.

Our manifesto.

Children are intuitively connected to compassion, empathy, imagination, joy and play. We want to cultivate and spread this enthusiasm and curiosity - in an approach that is enthusiastic, optimistic and inspired.

We are curious.


What we send out always comes back: we aspire to make our contribution to a beautiful, healthy and happy world for as many people as possible. This starts with giving and returning thanks, and does not end when we hand over the keys to a happy buyer.

We are sustainable and dedicated.

In everything we do, we strive for the special, the extraordinary. That is a high standard at a high level. Our closeness to our team, our partners and our clients keeps us grounded. But the focus is on being close to our customers - from the very first conversation and beyond the end of the warranty.

We are close by.

We call a spade a spade. Even if this is sometimes uncomfortable. In a spirit of partnership, this is what honesty means to us.

We are reliable and fair.

Creativity is born out of the unknown, the uncomfortable and the predictable. That is where new ideas are born allowing us to create new standards and exceed expectations. That is why we do not shy away from unconventional paths. On the contrary: we seek them out and follow them.

We are inspiring and distinctive.


Questioning the status quo and not being satisfied with mediocrity: this inner attitude of well-meaning criticism helps us to uncover potential. And it stands for our unconditional will to do better. Because we feel that we can do better. Thinking positively may help - doing it definitely helps.

We are masterful and think of the next generations.


The search for meaning, for depth and fulfilment. With places that create community, create meaning and a sense of belonging. We think that is significant. And it means a lot to us.

We are responsible.

Like-minded encounters.
Our Team.

Bodo & Dennis Kirschner – united over generations.

Your request. Your direct contacts.

Together we accompany our customers on their way to their dream property. United by the aspiration to exceed expectations with surprising service. And driven by the unconditional will to go the extra mile.

Matthias Tholl
Commercial director
Rolf Griesser
Authorised signatory
Holger Schönauer
Consulting and sales
Detlef Schuster
Consulting and sales

Our Team.

Many years of company affiliation and expertise meet passionate young people with great ambitions: the family-like structures of our company are also reflected in our team.

Janina Vossebein
Assistant to Management/Sales
Christoph Stoll
Project manager
Gerardo Pedota
Real Estate Management / Technology
Martina Stoll
Buyer Support & special request processing
Annette Mari
Project management assistant
Christine Jevric
Real Estate Management / Accounting
Susanne Wallraff
Real Estate Management / Rental

Grow with a vision.

For Kirschner, what counts is the long term, the enduring and simply plain good values. In our new office in the Quadriga with a breathtaking view of the Black Forest, real estate values are created and continue to grow. Come grow with us!

For the local football team.
And for 34,700 sports fans.

We value good sportsmanship and are a proud supporter of SC Freiburg.