A Freiburg real estate company
in third generation.

As a family business, we are connected to the region and its people. We are proud of the local traditions, which we are happy to carry on – and we are always setting new standards with an eye to the future.

Our culture

Exklusiv wohnen am Stadtgarten

Ludwigstraße 36, Freiburg-Herdern

Freiburg neu erleben. Im Stadtteil Herdern, nahe zum Stadtgarten und zur Altstadt am Schlossberg gelegen.

Mit Blick über die Stadt. Ein Ort, der Freiburg auf ganz neue Weise erlebbar macht. 


Zum Projekt

Timeless, stylish, sophisticated.

TwentyOne, Freiburg-Günterstal

TwentyOne: living in style on the sunny side of Günterstal.

Present, but not obtrusive. With respect for the past and a view to the future. And with a sense for the beautiful and the unique.

About the project

The best of both worlds: city and nature.

Littenweiler Carré, Freiburg-Littenweiler

Littenweiler Carré: city apartments in harmony with nature.

A residential ensemble that brings the east of Freiburg to life in a completely new way. Littenweiler Carré creates a place of diversity.

About the project

Determined, passionate, fair.

Our team accompanies our clients on their way to their dream property. Every step of the way is based on the absolute requirement we set ourselves of always meeting the highest quality standards – and the desire to go the extra mile.

Our team

Excellent housing for Freiburg.

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Regenerative and sustainable.

Real estate for future generations: we meet this responsibility with high voluntary standards and the goal of minimising CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of the property. And with a demand for quality that our grandchildren will still benefit from.

Energy and environment